Auto Suppression System

Indirect Type Automatic Fire Suppression System For Vehicle Engine


1. Product Description.
1).Product Features.
★ Full-automation.
★ Apply to the relatively closed space effectively;
★ Heated start, no electricity;
★ Simple Installation and maintenance;
★ Suitable for different places.


For Vehicle Engine Room, we can choose different system, AFFF3% Foam system, or FM200 System, or Dry Powder System. The different systems are with different discharge tube and nozzles.

3).Product Activated Principle.
Step1:Detection Tube ruptures to hole when temperature reach 140℃ or 160℃,and Spraying through the hole.(Or pushing the manual valve at the end of detection tube,pressure releasing from the tube end and spraying.)
Step2:The resulting drop in pressure causes the head valve to be activated.
Step3:Valve was opened and agent was discharged through the discharge tubing to the nozzles.
Step4:Agent covering the area and suppressing the fire quickly and thoroughly.
This system is totally automatic and is totally independent of electricity.

Vehicle control room

2) Carbon Steel Type.

We have CE, EN3, EN671, EN1869, UL, etc certificates for most of our products.
We also supply OEM products, High Quality, Professional Service, Honesty is our business basic rules.

1)AFF Foam /FM200 / Dry powder fire extinguisher used for what’s kind of fire?
AFFF Foam agent for Vehicle.
2L used for normal car engine bay;
6L/9L used for bus or truck engine bay.

2).Application shows.

Vehicle Engine Room

2. Product Image.
1) Stainless Steel Type.

The LPCB , UL, BSI, and so on, the labs can do the test and certification.
2). May I get a sample before placing an order?
Yes, of course.
3). Are your company PRI-SAFETY a manufacturer or trading company?
We’re a manufacturer.
4). Do you support OEM?
5). How long does it to delivery?
Within 30~45 days.


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