Prepaid Energy Meter & Billing Solution

GreenTree Global, under the aegis of its sister concern Cypress Infratech Pvt Ltd, provides Dual Source Prepaid Meter & Online Billing Solution under a brand name of ‘GridSynch’. The web and mobile app enabled solution has been developed from the ground up to ensure dual Energy Meter’s accuracy, proper data communication & reliable Billing solution.

The salient features of our metering solution are,

♦ Identification of grid (main) vs backup (auxiliary) power supply and correspondingly applied tariff rates
♦ State of the art anti-tampering features
♦ Auxiliary supply’s data through Signal Injector
♦ Happy Hours features- Cut off power function once credit is exhausted
♦ Low credit alarm and credit overdue functions
♦ Flexible tariff rates (8 configurable tariff registers, ToU & step load tariff available)
♦ Partial Load balancing


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