HT & LT Switchgear

HT Switchgear

★ This specification cover the supply of 11KV indoor,
★ metal enclosed switchgear according to IEC
★ publication-298 The medium voltage switchgear
★ panel shall be used for secondary distribution sub-station
★ up to 12KV and suitable for an ambient temperature of
★ 45 deg.C and rated rupture capacity of 350 MVA complete
★ with all accessories, diagrams, levels, wirings & terminals.
★ The 11 KV, 350 MVA rated switchboard would comply
★ ompulsory electricity regulations by standards.
★ All cubicles are fitted with security interlocks and
★ earthingswitch.The erection of the panel can be
★ done directly on the leveled floor. Cable trenches are
★ necessary. Cables can easily installed
★ from the bottom side of the panel.
★ The design is done to allow safe operation
★ in extremely tropical climate conditions

LT Switchgear

Sheet steel fabricated, floor mounting tropicaldesign,indoor type, Powder Coated low tension switchgearfor three phase, 4 wire 50Hz,380/415V AC system & shallbesupplied completed with TP+NE Bus bar suitably sized andproperly insulated. The panel board shall fully comply
Regulations of the 15thedition IEE wiring regulation forisolation & switching.


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